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Abtech is a company based in Fitzwilliam, New Hampshire, that created air bearing machines with great precision. They also make precision motion components, measurement systems, and turbine engine assembly systems. Their products are bought and designed for other companies use. They take pride in their hard work ethic and cater one hundred percent to their customer’s needs.

            Originally, when I heard we were visiting a shop that made machines, I was not very excited. I imagined a dusty old warehouse with men everywhere making small tools. I also did not imagine an office attached to the manufacturing part of the building. However, when we arrived, the building was small but when we entered, there was a receptionist and a small office filled with mechanical engineers, customer service employees, and even a marketing employee. The owner was younger than I expected and extremely passionate about what the company did. We went into a show room/ conference room where we got to see what types of products they produced. They were not small tools like I imagined but large air bearing machines that they designed for customers. As we went into the manufacturing section of the building, is was very spacious, unlike Janos we had also visited. There were also not many employees but Ken Abbott, the owner, expressed how much he cared for every single employee that worked for him. There were banners everywhere showing their core values and I appreciated that every employee could look at them to remember that there is always a solution to every problem. There was even a banner that said, “Have fun!” Overall, the environment was very welcoming and very interesting, unlike what I expected.

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