Janos Technology Visit

Janos Technology, founded in 1970, is a manufacturing company located in Keene, New Hampshire. They specialize in making infrared optical lenses with very specific and small measurements. They make products for military and space operations as well as your basic consumer.

            On February 13th, our class had the opportunity to have an inside look at the Janos Technology facility. The experience was far from what I expected. Originally, I imagined a very large factory like building with an assembly line. I expected the company to make as many products as possible in a short amount of time, similar to a clothing company. However, when we arrived, the building was an average sized warehouse with a small sign on the front stating the companies name. The interior of the manufacturing sight was small and absent of an assembly line. Instead there were about six to seven signs hanging from the ceiling indicating what each section on the floor did to create the final product. I also imagined that they would have everyday average employees. However, there were mainly all men working on the floor at a very slow pace. The environment seemed very laid back and each section was communicating with each other. Another difference I noticed from what I expected was the diamond turning machines used. We have learned about these machines in class and they are capable of cutting metal at very specific measurements without an/y friction. I imagined these machines were going to be extremely large and take up a lot of space. This led me to believe they would only have one machine that they used to do this job. However, they had multiple machines that were about the size of a washing machine. Another thing I learned during our trip was that Janos Technology produces toxic waste during the manufacturing process. I did not expect this because I thought they were mainly working with plastic and metals.       

            Overall, my experience at Janos Technology was not what I expected but it gave me an idea of what it is really like to work in a technology facility.